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Flow Instrumentation

Kurz Instrument

Kurz Instruments Mass Flow Technology for Process and Environmental Measurements.

  • Single and Multi Point Insertion Transmitters Provide Thermal Mass Flow Readings Required for Optimal Combustion.
  • In-Line Mass Flow Transmitters have Patent Pending Constant Temperature Sensor Control.
  • The ADAM Mass Flow Computer Integrates the Functions of Flow and Temperature Measurement, Flow Totalization,'
  • Alarms, and additional options for calibration or closed loop flow control.
  • Portable Air Velocity Instruments for HVAC applications; Combustion Air Flow Control Valves & Systems are also available.
  • The Olympia Thermal Flow, Level and Interface Switches are user configurable and available with many options suitable for liquids, gas, air and slurries in non-hazardous applications.


  • Coriolis for Liquids & Gases, Custody Transfer Certified for Hydrogen
  • PD Gear Meter
  • Turbine – Sanitary, High Pressure & Flanged
  • Ultrasonic Clamp-on Transit Time meters with 1% Accuracy
  • Variable Area Flow Meter
  • Transmitters & Alarms 


  • Flow, Level, and Interface Switches and Transmitters
  • Leak Detection
  • Remote Control & Monitoring Software


  • Coriolis Flowmeter
  • Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flowmeter
  • Vortex Flowmeter
  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  • Thermal Mass Flowmeter
  • Orifice Flowmeter
  • Cone Flowmeter
  • Flow Nozzle
  • Venturi Meter

Rheonik Coriolis Mass Flowmeters & Transmitters

  • Application include Liquid, Gas & Slurries in 1/4” to 12” line size capabilities
  • Flow rate measurement from 0.03 kg/h up to 1,5000,000 kg/h
  • Temperature ranges from –425°F to +750°F and pressures up to 13,050 PSIG. Coriolis meters are unaffected by viscosity, density, or pressure changes in the process.
Flow Technology

Flow Technology, Inc. Industry and Test & Measurement Flowmeters for Corrosive, Sanitary, Low and High Pressure Applications

  • Highly Accurate Positive Displacement
  • Turbine Flowmeters
  • Magnetic Flowmeters
  • Flow Computers, Linearizing Electronics and Batch/Rate/Totalizers for Industry and High Purity applications.
  • The Sanitary PD Meter is CIP-compatible without disassembly and meets all applicable 3A, USDA and USPHS standards
  • Sanitary Turbine withstands both CIP and SIP environments. 


  • Transit Time and Doppler Ultrasonic Clamp on and Non-Invasive Liquid Flow meters
AP Tech

AP Tech

  • Single Stage Regulators
  • Mini Regulators
  • Pneumatically Actuated Regulators
  • Single Stage High Pressure Regulators
  • Single Stage Springless Pressure Regulators
  • Single Stage Vaporizer Regulator
  • Two Stage Regulators
  • Crossover Manifolds
  • Back Pressure Regulators

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