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Rosemount Analytical
Combustion Analyzers

  • Oxymitter, the standard in In-Situ Zirconium Oxide O2 transmitters
  • The Xi Remote Interface for the most advanced features or the traditional architecture systems are available
  • In addition, AutoCal accessories offer the user on-line diagnostics that determine when a calibration is required.
  • O2/CO Monitors/OCX8800
  • Cross Stack CO Monitors
  • Opacity Monitors
  • Hagan Pneumatic Damper Drives

The Liquid Division includes Analyzers, Transmitters & Sensors for Continuous On-Line Measurements. Hile services the Power Industry for these products.

  • pH /ORP Sensors for insertion and/or retractable applications.
  • High Performance pH… PerpH-X® Sensors for Higher Temperature Applications and longer sensor life
  • High Purity Water pH Sensor with pHaser™ laser drilled capillary junction ensures constant electrolyte flow
  • ORP Sensors
  • Endurance® General Purpose Conductivity Sensor – no initial cal required
  • Portable Conductivity Validation Instrument
  • Chlorine
  • Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
  • Ozone
  • Turbidity
  • Model 1056 Dual-Input Intelligent Analyzer is a multi-parameter instrument with single or dual inputs and your choice of sensor inputs.
  • Wireless capabilities are available.
Perma Pure

Perma Pure Gas Conditioning and Sampling Solutions

  • GASS™ Sampling Systems
  • Baldwin™ Series Coolers and Sampling Systems
  • Dilution Sampling Probes
  • Nafion® Gas Dryers and Humidifiers
  • Coalescing Filters & Specialty Scrubbers
  • Flow Control Drawers
  • Heated Filter Probes

SICK products for analyzing gases offers an extensive range of gas analyzers and analysis systems. Transit time ultrasonic gas flow meters for flares and stacks, and other gas flow applications. Adaptation to different system conditions or solutions of complex measuring tasks - SICK has the answer: in-situ and extractive measuring technology for installation in complete systems.

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