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Jordan Mark 75A Series Wafer Style Control Valves With Modular, Stackable Actuator

Mark 75A Control Valve

Download the Mark 75A Datasheet

The Mark 75A wafer style control valve with it’s modular, stackable actuator was developed by Jordan Valve as the next generation of control valves. Featuring all the benefits of the time-tested Sliding Gate seat design, in a lightweight, compact body the Mark 75A also incorporates a modular, stackable actuator to further reduce weight and footprint dimensions while providing additional thrust. The additional thrust allows the Mark 75A to easily handle maximum allowable pressure drops.

The new actuator design provides 25 square inches of effective diaphragm area per module and can be stacked to multiply the total effective area to 50 or 75 square inches. Aluminum construction ensures a lightweight automated package.

The Mark 75A offers a tremendous weight advan-tage over other valve designs. A 4" Mark 75A with a 75M actuator weighs a mere 26.7 lbs! The light-weight and reduced envelope dimensions create savings in transportation, instillation and support.

The Mark 75A features a 'T' slot design connec-tion to the disc. This connection allows for quick and easy reversing of functions. Instead of having to go into the actuator to change action, all that is needed in a Mark 75A is to turn the seats 180°. With this simple rotation, the valve can go from reverse acting to direct acting (or vice versa).

The stroke length of the Mark 75A is a longer stroke than other sliding gate valves. This longer stroke enables better turndown. Combined with the capacity of the Mark 75A, the increased turn-down makes for a great control valve.

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