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Pyrometer Wavelength Selection Guide

Understanding the Importance of Wavelength When Selecting an Infrared Pyrometer

Most single-wavelength infrared pyrometers are virtually identical; however, a close look reveals that most pyrometers are different in one critically important way – the wavelength.

Wavelength is an important parameter when selecting an infrared pyrometer because some optical interferences are highly transparent only in specific wavebands. Infrared energy is an electromagnetic energy just like visible light and x-rays. Visible light does not pass through the human chest while x-rays go right through with wavelength being the only difference. In a similar way, correct wavelength selection allows an infrared pyrometer to view clearly through some types of intervening media, such as steam, flames, combustion gasses, etc., without introducing an error.

This selection guide provides information and understanding to better select and apply infrared pyrometers.

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